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TimeLines is a small group of experienced Multi-Period Historical Interpreters and Re-enactors, who perform shows throughout the UK and Northern Europe. From Castles to Village Fetes and from Schools to Museums.


We pride ourselves on giving a professional performance, and bringing 'HISTORY ALIVE'. TimeLines believes in Education through Entertainment, with a totally hands on experience (supervised), of the equipment.


We Re-enact the periods.... Medieval, Tudor, Stuart, Dutch/Spanish Wars, German/Swedish Wars, Queen Anne's Privateers through to Napoleonics, Giving a glimpse into the life of the times... including, Clothing, Writing,Toys of the day, Music, Cooking and of course the Weapons. These include Armour, Swords, Muskets, Pistols, Artillery not forgetting the BOW. Which can ALL be demonstrated firing.



TimeLines is insured for £10 million,Public Liability by the Shooters Rights Association (Zurich Policy).


Weapons: (Artillery, Musket and Pistols) (Bows/Arrows (Childrens Archery))

All Weapons are held under Police Certificate, BlackPowder (GunPowder) is held under HSE and Police Certificate.                                                                                                      



All members attending schools/childrens activities hold a current CRB Certificate.












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